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The Return-to-Work Checklist

Follow these hints to job-hunting success:

  • Start early. At least 6 months before your desired work start date, review your goals and formulate a plan of action. If you think you may need to return to school, start even earlier.

  • Give your skills an overhaul. Evaluate your skills in light of your job goals and brush up your weak spots, whether it’s a crash course in computer programming or a seminar in management techniques.

  • Review the changes in your industry. Hopefully you’ve been keeping abreast of changes in your industry so you know what the latest buzz is. If not, get started!

  • Get your resume in tip-top shape. Though your experience hasn’t changed, the job market and employers’ needs have. Your resume should reflect the latest buzz words and corporate lingo.

  • Host a “coming out” party. You’ll rely even more heavily on your network of contacts than a jobseeker without a break in employment. Host a luncheon for your 5 closest former work buddies. Ask their input on how you can best position yourself for re-emergence. They may even have job leads for you!

  • Confidence counts. The image you portray is what sells you. To present the best image, you need to feel your best. Treat yourself to a few new work outfits, review your skills so you know you’re on par with your co-workers, and keep your chin up. Most importantly, don’t apologize for your time off--if you respect your decisions, other people will, too.

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