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Life Planning

Unique financial challenges face many people when they get married, are just starting to work, retire, or manage a career and family on a full-time basis. There may be serious practical and legal implications.

Establishing a sound financial plan as early as possible will help meet your goals sooner and make them easier to achieve. explains how to begin planning for expected responsibilities. This section includes worksheets, methods and tools to hopefully reduce your stress over money problems. See what options are available for greater money-growing potential.


Positive Path Network

A community of authors, speakers, consultants and life coaches who have written over 100 articles. They provide practical ideas that can help you plan for a more balanced, positive, happy and fulfilling life.

Figuring out how to balance love & money, or just trying to get those taxes finished? Let us know your secrets and hear what they have to say! Tell us your tips now.


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