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Auto coverage analyzer: Buying car insurance means making important -- but sometimes confusing -- choices about your coverage amounts.

Auto Loan Calculators: Amortization Calculator, Total Interest Paid Calculator and more.

Auto Calculators: How much should depreciation cost me? Should I lease or purchase? How much should I put down? and more.

Auto Financing and Insurnace Tools: Compare auto loans and lenders, Compare insurance quotes and more.

Farmer's Insurance Group: What should my auto insurance deductible be? and more.




Homeowners coverage quiz: If you're uncertain about which perils are covered by your homeowners policy, take this short five-question interactive quiz.

Homeowners quick estimate: Estimate your homeowners insurance and property replacement costs. Interest source for mortgage. Provides calculators such as Calculate the monthly payment for a particular mortgage loan , Calculate how much you have to make to afford the mortgage loan on a particular home and more.

All About Designed to provide a rough estimate based on the most commonly accepted guidelines for home repair, remodelling.

Mortgage Calculators: Future Value/Annuity Calculation, Prepayment Mortgage Reduction and lots more.




Auto insurance savings quiz: Are you doing all you can to save money on your auto insurance premiums?

Homeowners insurance savings quiz: Are you doing all you can to save money on your homeowners insurance premiums?

Renters insurance quick estimate: To know how much you need, you have to figure out the total value of your household possessions.

Body mass calculator: When it comes to your health, an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure. Identifying and correcting unhealthy traits...

Health plan analyzer: people face an important, but often confusing, decision between enrolling in a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

Healtheon / WebMD Advanced Medical Databases


Net worth tool: Figure out your new worth.

Expenses and cash flow tool: budgets are a necessary evil if you want to get your spending under control.



How much are you worth?

What is your cash flow?

Financial health test


Credit Card Tools Provides calculators such as How's Your Credit? Calculate the real cost of your debt and more.

Credit Grade Calculator: Mathematical analysis which considers many different aspects of your credit history -- late payments, delinquencies, tax liens, etc -- and expresses it as a single number, or "grade."

Savings Calculators: What will it take to reach my savings goal? How much will my savings be worth? and more.


Net worth tool Provides tools such as Millionaire Calulator, Rate of Return Calculator and more.

Cash flow tool

Investing Calculators: Provides calculators such as Average Share Price, Stock Price Probability Tool and more.




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