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The Internet: Your Virtual Highway to Employment?

The Internet has become the job seeker's medium of choice. After all, how else can you send dozens of resumes at the click of a button? But the Internet encourages people to be passive, posting their resume on online job banks and waiting for responses to roll in.

Because online job hunting is so easy, everyone is doing it, which makes it increasingly difficult to reach the employer(s) of your choice. For example,, one of the largest job boards on the Web, claimed they had a database of 2.3 million unique resumes in December 1999.

With the mounting competition among online job seekers, it's critical to do more than post your resume with online career services. You should actively pursue job listings on career sites and individual employer's Web sites.

Here are just a handful of career sites:

  • currently has over 384,000 jobs listed.
  • NationJob Network has a scouting service that locates appropriate job listings that match the criteria you input.
  • JobTrak targets recent college grads and listed over 300,000 jobs last year.
  • Yahoo! Careers lists more than 1 million jobs and offers a variety of search categories.


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