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Trust Your Staff

Trust is a two-way street: to earn your employees’ trust, you must demonstrate your confidence in them, and that means learning to delegate effectively.

How trusted will your employees feel if you’re overwhelmed by work while they’re playing computer solitaire? Though some workers enjoy down time on the job, most workers want to be challenged.

By giving your employees assignments that require them to stretch themselves, your group will accomplish more in a shorter period of time, you’ll have motivated workers who are acquiring new skills, and you’ll balance your workload.

Start by delegating the smaller projects on your list and clearly delineate what the end product should be and when you expect to it to be completed. Ask for frequent updates but refrain from telling your employees how to do their jobs. Leave room for different styles and approaches, as long as the deliverable meets the requirements you laid out. And after the task has been completed, review the process to congratulate your workers or to evaluate how both you and they might work more effectively going forward.

 Trust Your Staff

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