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Lead By Example

As a manager, your every move, from the way you dress to how you conduct yourself at company parties, will be scrutinized--and imitated--by your employees. After all, you’re what many lower level employees aspire to be, at least in terms of position and pay.

Don’t be surprised if your formerly prompt workers start arriving late to weekly staff meetings if you have trouble making it there on time. And if you send memos containing grammatical and spelling errors, expect the same of your employees.

The reverse, however, holds true as well. If you expect superior work quality and professionalism from your staff, the surest way to guarantee it is to demonstrate it yourself.

By the same token, if your workers are performing below expectations, take a long, hard look at yourself and see where you might be serving as a poor role model. It’s difficult to criticize your staff when you’re responsible for setting the example that they will follow.

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