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Types of Mutual Funds

Over 50% of Americans, mostly through their 401k's, have invested in the mutual fund market. Industry assets have reached $8 trillion in 2005, almost double from 5 years ago.

Mutual funds vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • Investment objective: such as growth vs. preservation of principal.
  • Investment style: such as rapidly growing vs. undervalued by the market.
  • Investment strategy: such as a passively managed index vs. actively managed individual company analysis.

Money-Market Funds

  • Seek to preserve price stability at a value of $1 per share.
  • Invest in short-term IOUs from industry and government agencies.
  • Generally accrue dividends daily and credit them monthly.

Income or Bond Funds

  • Seek high current income.
  • Invest in securities that pay both dividends and interest.
  • Some invest in a variety of bonds; others specialize in only one type.

Stock Funds

  • Growth stock funds invest in securities with high growth potential.
  • Value stock funds invest in securities that, for one reason or another, are ignored or are selling at an unusually low price compared to true market value.
  • Balanced stock portfolios invest in both growth and value stock funds.
  • Growth funds tend to invest in large, well-established companies.
  • Aggressive growth funds tend to invest in smaller, riskier companies believed to be on the fast track.
  • Funds may invest in small, mid, or large cap stocks or any combination thereof.

Balanced Funds

  • Divide investments among stock, bond, and cash investments.
  • Generally invest in higher-grade securities.
  • Are ideal for investors seeking moderate returns and low risk.

International and Global Funds

  • Provide access to securities outside of the U.S.
  • International funds invest solely in non-U.S. securities.
  • Global funds invest in securities in foreign and U.S. securities.

Specialized or Sector Funds

  • Concentrate on a particular industry or country/region.

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