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Quiz: Is It Time to Move On?

  1. Thinking about work makes me feel:

    Queasy and in need of Maalox.
    Energized--I can't wait to get to my desk.
    Bored stiff; I'd rather watch re-runs of "Regis and Kathie Lee."

  2. My work environment can best be compared to the following film:

    "Saving Private Ryan:" Constant open warfare.
    "Babe:" I work with a bunch of animals, but we get along fairly well.
    "Austin Powers:" One long laugh-fest.

  3. Pay, responsibility, work environment, hours, management, and long-term career path. In reviewing this list, I'm unhappy with:

    1 or 2
    3 or 4
    The whole list--not to mention a few more items.

  4. I've been feeling dissatisfied since:

    The day I started; I knew right away this job was a mistake.
    My last performance review; it wasn't what I expected.
    Yesterday; my boss was obviously looking for a scapegoat.

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