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Write Everything Down

How much time do you spend looking for lost items, trying to remember what you need to do next, and figuring out where you should have been an hour ago? Whatever your answer, it’s too much.

Face it: you may be the most capable person on Earth, but you can’t remember everything. So don’t try. Write it down instead.

It doesn’t matter if you use a $500 Palm Pilot or a 99 legal pad, the important thing is to pick a system and stick with it.

Make a habit of recording everything--from the fact that it’s your turn to bring bagels to the staff meeting, to what should be included in your largest customer’s order. Even if you don’t organize your notes into files or transfer them to a calendar, at least you’ve made a note regarding what needs to get done and by when. The mere act of building a record will help you remember what’s important.

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 Write Everything Down


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