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As a job seeker, you're a salesperson. It therefore stands to reason that common sales techniques can help you close the deal on your job hunt.

For instance, sending a thank-you note after an interview is common sense--but surprisingly few people do it. As a prospective employee, you're looking for every possible means to distinguish yourself. Not only is the thank-you note good manners, it also:

  • Reinforces you in the interviewer's mind.

  • Gives you another chance to underscore your interest in and suitability for the position.

  • Provides an opportunity to showcase your writing skills.

  • Shows that you pay attention to detail.

  • Allows you to submit any additional information you may have forgotten to mention or bring with you to the interview.

Not a bad return on a $.33 stamp. Check out a few sample thank-you notes.

At the end of the interview, ask when you can expect a decision. If that time period has come and gone, a phone call to the person who coordinated your interview is acceptable. If several weeks pass, and you still don't hear anything, phone again. Persistence--not peskiness--pays off.

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