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Define Your Goals

Think of your job search as a road trip. Just as you wouldn't hit the highway without making a few decisions first, you shouldn't start pounding the pavement until you've thought through the process.

Decide Where You Want To Go
By spending some upfront time defining your long-term goals, you'll be able to break your career--and your job search--into manageable pieces.

Fill in the Intermediary Steps
Once you know the "here" and the "there," break the journey into logical stages and label each one.

Figure Out the First Step
What's the first stop on your journey?

Determine What Resources You'll Need
Good travelers know the key to a successful trip is packing everything you'll need for the road.

 Decide Where You Want To Go

 Fill in the Intermediary Steps


 Figure Out the First Step


 Determine What Resources You'll Need




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