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Family vs. Career

Many couples are resigned to being a two-income family, in spite of their desire to spend more time as a family. Before you decide that dual incomes are essential, make sure to consider all the costs associated with both partners working, such as:

  • Child care

  • Dinners and lunches eaten out

  • Additional clothing expenses

  • Commuting costs (wear and tear on car, maintenance, gasoline)

  • Additional taxes

According to some estimates, by the time extra work expenses are subtracted from a second salary of $24,000 a year, the take-home pay is approximately $219 a month, or a whopping $2,628 per year!

Ultimately, deciding to work or stay at home is not a decision that should be driven by your checkbook alone but rather according to your family and personal needs. In order to make the choice that’s best for you, run the numbers, talk to your spouse and kids and discuss the lifestyle issues associated both with working and staying home.


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