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Authors of Financial Books for Women

We interviewed 30 authors who have written books specifically about women and money. We wanted to know what led them to write financial books just for the women. Why do women need different reading materials than men? Read their answers to questions such as; "What do you feel to be the biggest challenge facing women today when handling their finances?" and "How should a woman get started investing with no investment experience?"

David Bach
Author of Smart Women Finish Rich

Janet Bigham Bernstel
Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Money in the New Millennium

Dr. Judith Briles
Author of 10 Smart Money Moves for Women

Kathy Buys
Author of Invest with Confidence

C. Diane Ealy, Ph.D.
Author of Our Money, Ourselves

Diane Terman Felenstein
Author of The Money Club

Sarah Young Fisher
Author of Everything You Need to Know About Money and Investing

Joline Godfrey
Author of No More Frogs to Kiss

Judith Gruber, LCSW, CCET.
Money Therapist

Kathleen Gurney, Ph.d.
Author of Your Money Personality

Kerry Hannon
Author of Suddenly Single

Zoe M. Hicks
Author of The Women's Estate Planning Guide

Ellen Hoffman
Author of Bankroll Your Future: How to Get the Most for the Government For Your Retirement Years

Marlene Jupiter
Author of Savvy Investing for Women

Paula Boyer Kennedy
Author of Ernst & Young's Financial Planning for Women

Barbara Lee
Author of The Financially Independent Woman

Dee Lee
Author of Let's Talk Money

Kay Lesh
Author of Our Money, Ourselves

Eileen Michaels
Author of When Are You Entitled to New Underwear and Other Major Financial Decisions

Ken Morris
Author of A Woman's Guide to Investing

Virginia Morris
Author of A Woman's Guide to Investing

Francie Pi
Author of Every Woman's Guide to Investing

Joan Perry
Author of A Girl Needs Cash

Ellen S. Rogin
Personal Finance Planner

Jennifer Basye Sander
Author of The Millionairess Across the Street

Kathleen Schomaker

Patricia Smith
Author of Each of Us

Barbara Stanny
Author of Prince Charming Isn't Coming

Alan B. Ungar, CFP
Author of Financial Self-Confidence for the Suddenly Single

Cynthia G. Yates
Author of Money and Me



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