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Happiness in Frugality

By Doris Dobkins

Are you speaking for real or is the title of this article an oxymoron? How could anyone be happy denying themselves all of life's pleasures and being frugal?

Take a moment to read the quote below:

"The three grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for."
- Alexander Chalmers, Scottish writer

How does one tie happiness and frugality together? For me, the key to happiness in a life of constant frugality is having a goal, a purpose, a hope. My long-term hope is a debt free life. No credit card bills (check), no car payment (check) and no mortgage (no check).

Paying off the mortgage is the toughest one and it takes time. For an impatient person who wants results now, it can be the most difficult. It is usually the last goal of most people, as well.

To keep me on track, I establish short-term hopes that I strive for on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Travel is my love and I live cheap to fund my love for travel. It's a time for my family and I to get away, forget about the worries and the cares of making a living and enjoy some quality time relaxing in a tropical paradise of some sort.

Sure I could put that money on my mortgage, but then I'd start to lose hope and probably give up my quest for financial freedom.

What do you hope for? What makes you happy? You can have it. But work for it and don't go into debt for it.

It may take a lifetime to achieve all your hopes. So enjoy the journey. You'll only take this trip called "Life" once.

About The Author:
Doris Dobkins is the Money Saving Author of "Financial Freedom A-Z Home Study Course" and publisher of the free weekly ezine $mart Money New$. You can subscribe to $mart Money New$ by sending an email to: or sign up at her web site,



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