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  • Gives you a first-hand look at what life in a particular job or company is like.

  • Affords you the opportunity to make contacts with valuable insiders who may be able to help you network your way to bigger and better opportunities.

  • Gives you a leg up over others applying for a job at the same company.

  • Offers the chance to gain valuable skills that will assist you in preparing for full-time employment.

  • Usually provides some form of compensation, typically monetary or school credits.

  • Enables you to impress would-be employers with your on-the-job performance, something you can't demonstrate in an interview.


  • Some companies view interns as indentured slaves and provide them with little more than drudgework.

  • You may have limited opportunity to actually meet the company's "movers and shakers."

  • You may be stuck doing just one type of work in one particular department, limiting your exposure to the company as a whole.

  • You may not get paid for your efforts.

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