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Decide Were You Want To Go

Do you want to spend 40 years of your life in a series of "jobs," or do you want to have a lasting career? Those who plan ahead see their work life as an integrated whole, rather than a series of discrete positions.

What do you picture yourself doing 20 years from now? 30? 40? Where do you imagine living? What kind of lifestyle are you leading?

There are no rights or wrongs. It's entirely up to you whether you want to retire to Hawaii at age 35 on the proceeds of your high-tech wizardry or would rather spend your last days teaching school to indigent children in Peru.

But it's essential you take the time to think it out--and write it down. Research has shown that committing your goals to paper makes a huge difference in the likelihood of that goal reaching fruition.

 Decide Where You Want To Go

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 Figure Out the First Step


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