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Tiffany Bass Bukow's videos teach empowering life and money skills. They are entertaining to watch and offer practical tips for everyday.

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Tiffany Bass Bukow's Blog is an enlightening read for anyone on the path to financial peace and prosperity.

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  Refine Your Vision of Success
  High Cost of Au Pair Care (167 comments)
  The Price of Privilege for Our Children
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No matter what your age, status, or situation, you're capable of taking charge of your finances. You just need to learn the basics and take the right steps toward financial health.

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Learn to spend less on what you need and more on what you want in our Savings Corner. The budget minded should read the dozens of money saving tips in Ms.Money's eBook: Live Your Life at Half the Price.
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Learn how to prosper in the corporate world by taking our Online Job Seminars. Successfully ask for a raise so you can earn what you are worth. Explore your job options with our Job Search Tool.
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Help make the world a better place and sign up with Universal Giving: the non-profit volunteer and donation matching service. Use to find free stuff, recycle your things, & help others.
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Women's long-term financial needs are different from men's because they earn 25% less, average 11 years out of the workforce, and live 5 years longer. Women need unique saving and investing strategies if they want to retire in style.

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